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I want some feedback from you all. During Covid, in-person events were eliminated. Post the lockdown some folks are becoming interested in in-person programs and others would prefer a Zoom event. Zoom would allow more people to participate and I’m interested in giving it a try. I was recently asked when is the next Discussion Group? Would any of you be interested in participating in one online? NOT being in person makes me feel like it should have shorter sessions – lots of people get screen fatigue. So would 1 hour be better than 1.5? My groups have typically covered a range of relationships concerns. I start with how we see ourselves/our own identity and ripple out to the couple, the family unit and children, the friend circle and community support. Would that interest you?

Or would you prefer a single topic/single meeting discussion like, negotiating our differences or picking our holidays or giving our kids an identity?

Please PLEASE give me feedback on:
Would you do a Zoom program?
Would you do an in-person gathering?
Length of the program, including number of sessions.
Topics of most interest to you.

Or tell me whether you even feel ready to respond to those four questions!

Email me at



Here comes Passover!
Purim has barely passed and it’s time for the biggie! PASSOVER! First Seder is April 5. Every Jewish newsletter I subscribe to is urging me to get started with my plans. Sort of like Christmas planning for Jews. I love it. One thing that I hardily share with my Mizrahi sister-in-law is a dislike of Ashkenazi white food. Why would I wait all year to celebrate with SPONGE CAKE?  I hate sponge cake year-round. So I’m delighted to share with you some “Passover desserts that don’t suck” from The Nosher. I signed up for their email some years ago because they feature recipes from Jewish communities around the globe. In case you want to sign up too, go to this page and scroll to the bottom.

If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be peanut butter so the recipe for 5 Ingredient Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies (substituting almond butter) will definitely be on my Seder table!


Seders around the Bay Area
Before Covid I would develop an exhaustive list of Community Seders; they were typically on the second night of Passover because most people want to do their own family Seder on the first night. It takes a lot of time to compile so I was thrilled to see that the J-Weekly has a page here.
Unfortunately it appears to have only those organizations who told the J that they are holding a Community Seder. There are a lot more out there than listed. I’ll add the ones I know of.  If you want one, I highly suggest you call synagogues that are conveniently located near you and ask them. ALSO, email me if YOUR synagogue is holding a community Seder and welcomes non-members.

The San Francisco JCC is offering a variety of Passover events. Take a look here

Last but not least, it looks like Trader Joe’s is getting into the matzah market! Check out this matzah!

St. Patrick’s Day
Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and some people are Irish Jews! So let’s all join them in having some crossover fun.
Being Jewish and Irish
The Irish and the Jews of New York
Bailey’s Irish Cream Liquor anyone? Thank a Jew!
Guinness Hamentashen – because it’s never too late for an alcoholic cookie!
My family made Guinness hamentashen last year – yes, they’re chocolate.