Finding Programs and Resources

 Where are fun, informative, interactive Jewish events taking place?

Everywhere!  I know from your emails to me that many of you rely on the e-letter to keep you informed.  That’s fine but I want you to remember that I can only cover a smattering of what is out there.  If you want to be more informed here are some suggestions:

Subscribe to the J Weekly.  It’s the bay area’s Jewish newspaper and it comes out on Fridays.  They have articles, calendar announcements and ads from all over.  You’ll see something happening across the county or across the bay in the J.  ( for information)


Get a copy of RESOURCE; it’s the Jewish Yellow pages for our community.  Judy or Gail at Jewish Community Information and Referral will mail you a copy.  Just call them at 415-777-4545. 


Look around your city.  Is there a synagogue?  A JCC?  Call them and ask to be put on their email list.  You’ll receive emails (sometimes weekly) about what they are up to. 


How do I get all these events?  I subscribe to most of the synagogue, JCC and Jewish Family Services emails.  I pick out the events that I think are particularly appropriate.


You’ll notice that very few are SPECIFICALLY interfaith in topic.  Helena McMahon at the Interfaith Connection at the San Francisco JCC and I are the main providers of specifically interfaith programming.  But we’re working to spread the programs around.


Still, you’re going to enjoy a film, a lecture, a class, a concert and you’ll learn something, connect with others in the community and get to see how you like the Jewish community that is coexisting with all the other subordinate cultures in the bay area.



Culturally Jewish

Many Jews identify as “culturally Jewish.”  You and I know what that means but your non-Jewish partner may not be so sure.  Take the two of you to some of the events that reveal cultural Judaism – music, books, movies and social justice.  


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Published on January 30th, 2009