Growing up in an Interfaith Home

Did you grow up the child of an interfaith couple? 
Have you wished you could talk to other people who shared some of your same experiences?

Are you raising children in a home with one Jewish parent and one non-Jewish parent? 
Have you ever wished you could ask a person from an interfaith home how they felt about some of the choices you are contemplating?  Here is a program in Oakland that will discuss those very questions. 

Growing Up in a Interfaith Home
What is it really like growing up in an interfaith home?  Ask a few people who did grow up in an interfaith home and you are likely to hear a variety of stories.  Were there things their parents did that they would do differently?  Sure.  Do they grow up to identify as Jewish?  Not always.  What makes one person feel Jewish, another one not?  Come ask your own questions of a panel of adults from interfaith homes.

Sunday, Nov. 9, at 11:30am on the Merritt College campus.