Decorating for Hanukkah


A non-Jewish friend of mine loves to decorate for holidays so when she married a Jewish man she got busy finding the appropriate decorations. She told me that she, ‘doesn’t have much’ but you decide. Here are some of her decorating and party-making items.

blue table cloth
many votive candle/tea lights
Chanukah garland (blue and silver) – Looks great running down the middle of the table or wound in the chandelier
Happy Hanukah banner
variety of dreidels
a couple dreidel games
Latke Bingo
101 Chanukah Activities
The Chanukah Box of Questions
Dancing Rabbi
Chanukah CD
Colorful Chanukah candles

Most of this she bought at places like Michael’s Crafts and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Decoration options
Decoration options

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Published on October 17th, 2013