Cooking Jewish Whether You’re Jewish or Not: Hanukkah

We’ve done this one before and this year we are adding Hanukkah Party planning & recipes! This year Hanukkah begins on Nov. 28, the same day as Thanksgiving. We’ll talk about what that means for us THIS year but also how to balance Hanukkah and Christmas in future years.

Beth Am group

Food plays a big part in Jewish culture and holidays. What if you’re not Jewish but want to create a wonderful festive meal for your family and friends? What if you are Jewish and you want to make the holiday more joyous, meaningful and delicious? Then come cook and chat with us!
Food alone doesn’t make a family meal or holiday complete. You have to put more into the day. Recipes and rituals come together to build memories and strengthen family bonds. We’ll discuss the ways to use food to build those relationships and happy memories. Join us to make latkes & other delicious holiday dishes that are perfect for a dinner or a Hanukkah party!

Date: Sunday, Oct. 27
Time: 1 to 4pm
Place: Beth Am, 26790 Arastradero Road, Los Altos Hills
Cost: $35/person
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