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Yoisrael for InMenlo

Keyko Pintz was “just a yoga teacher” and asked herself, what do I have to share with the world? How can I combine what I know with what I think would help? Here’s her story — and she’s just getting started.

What can you offer to make the world a little better?

Yoga instructor Keyko Pintz, who lives in the Allied Arts neighborhood of Menlo Park, remembers the question that started it all. “One of my private yoga students asked me if I could do yoga anywhere in the world, where would it be?” she recalls. “The first place that came to mind is Mitzpe Ramon. It’s a crater in Israel’s Negev Desert, an interesting geological formation, and it’s absolutely spectacular. It’s mystical, and it’s the perfect place to feel like you’ve seen something otherworldly and spiritual.” Read more here.