The Sacred Table

How can we use eating, something we do each day, as a way to make our life more intentional? How can it help us be more awake to our lives? Join Rabbi Ruth Adar and me for a delightful class on EATING!

The Sacred Table
You will eat, you will be satisfied, and you will bless upon the good land that God has given you. (Deut. 8:10)

Eating is one of those ordinary experiences which Jewish observance makes holy. Traditionally, we bracket our eating with blessings before and after, for the food and for the satisfaction which the food has given. Even those Jews who do not observe Jewish dietary laws are conscious of the fact that in the book of Leviticus, the mixing of meat with milk is forbidden and certain meats are forbidden altogether as food.

We need food to survive. Food can also be a way of expressing love. It can be the object of addiction or of simple pleasure. Beyond the issue of Jewish dietary law, what ethical issues come up for the Jew who wishes to be a true mensch?

In this class we will use the essays in the collection The Sacred Table: Creating a Jewish Food Ethic (ed. Mary L. Zamore, CCAR Press) as food for thought as we chew on the meaning and implications of our choices. Bon apetit!

3 session class begins April 11 and meets at Temple Sinai, 10 – 11:30am, SIGN UP HERE