May You Be Inscribed for a Good Year

A wonderful message from Rabbi Larry Milder of Beth Emek in Pleasanton – with both heart and humor. I couldn’t say it any better. Happy 5774!

God Writes a Blog

At the beginning of the Jewish New Year, it is customary to greet one another with a special wish: L’shanah tovah tikatevu, may you be inscribed for a good year.

Our ancestors envisioned God as a scribe, the One who records our deeds and measures our worth. There, in the Book of Life, is a record of everything we have done. Each year has its own volume. For good or bad, what we have achieved and where we have failed, how we gave hope and how we let others down-it’s all written down. Nothing of our lives is insignificant, too minor to matter.

I am certain that God is ahead of the curve, and writes a blog these days. All of our deeds are stored in the Cloud. God has unlimited storage capacity.

When you are tagged in God’s next posting, I hope it will be for something good. When you face challenges, I hope you will find yourself uploaded and uplifted by caring hands and hearts.

L’shanah tovah tikatevu, may you and all your loved ones be virtually inscribed for health and joy in the coming year.

Rabbi Larry Milder