Making the Most of Summer

What can you do to increase your enjoyment of SUMMER?

Making the most of summer

There are two things I propose you do this summer. The first is – spend meaningful time with your loved ones.  We have gorgeous weather, long days and lots of natural beauty.  The parks are open, the pools are open, and friends are in from out of town.  Time for that BBQ, sing along, or walk in the hills.  Time to sit and revel in the joy of life and love.  Time to make memories.

Upping your Happiness Quota

Have you read the recent studies that report that possessions don’t make people happy?  Nope, it’s not things that lead to happiness, it’s experiences. That means instead of buying toys or games or iPods, you are better off playing with your kids, your spouse, or just plain PLAYING. It will make all of you happier.  It will also create meaningful memories.

Making up your own games

When my kids were little we used to play “the Bug Café.”  It’s a game I made up.  I wrote out a menu on a small piece of paper with items like, Flies on a Lily Pad.  My children “ordered” their lunch without knowing what they were getting.  Flies on a Lily Pad could be raisons on a round piece of bread with avocado spread over it.

Sometimes we just danced.  I put on music, they dressed up in scarves and long shirts and we danced.

We ran through the sprinkler.

They took a big cardboard box and rolled down the hill in it.

They painted.

The idea here is to do what is fun.  To just be together.

If you want it to have a Jewish favor then read some Jewish books, have Havdalah on Saturday night.  Have friends over for Shabbat and eat outside.

Let me know what you are doing.  Share your ideas with the rest of us!

Next week I’ll talk to you about the second thing I want you to do this summer.