Finding Some Quietude in the Summer


I saw an article titled, “How to Prepare Your Kids for Summer.” Wow, whose kids are these? Are they from Mars and unaccustomed to our atmosphere? The way my kids prepare for summer is with whoops and hollers. Summer is utter freedom, no homework, sleep late and dig for emeralds in the backyard. Yes, we as parents may need some preparation – camp reservations, play dates, grandparent coverage – but I believe that summer is the time to let your children’s minds and bodies run free. Studies have found that our most creative time is when we are musing or daydreaming. Be sure to pack some of that time into your kids’ days as well as your own.

With my apologies to the hard working clergy, I find some of the best musing time is during services. The rhythm of the chanted prayers, the soft lights, the hum of humanity around me, these all help me to let go of the stresses of the week and drift into my own thoughts. Whether those thoughts are a prayer for a sick friend, what to do with those extra garden zucchinis or the formulation of a solution to a problem, that quiet time in my own mind is soothing and inspirational. Try going to a service and letting your mind drift. Then email me and tell me what you thought about.

Happy June!