Interfaith/Intercultural Couples Discussion Group

Interfaith/Intercultural couples have unique questions and needs. They may know they need to ask questions but not be sure just what those questions should be.

Make the process easier by joining other couples negotiating similar concerns. Create an outline of how to approach a conversation with your partner that is honest, caring, and supportive. This discussion series will get the conversations rolling!

Exchange ideas about such issues as:
Holiday Observances – Which holidays will be celebrated in our home?
Dealing With Our Families – How will we talk to our parents about our choices?
Raising Children – How can we make sure our child is “part” of each of us?
Spiritual Concerns – How do we satisfy our needs and recognize our partner’s?
Cultural Differences – How do communication styles and familial expectations impact our relationship?

This is one of the most meaningful and powerful things you can do for your relationship. I encourage every couple to participate in a couples group.

7 sessions
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No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Call Dawn at 510-845-6420 x 11.