Here Comes Passover!

Navigating the Interfaith Elements of the Holiday

Pesach at Lauries

Grab a frozen yogurt at Menchie’s and join other Jewish spouses as we discuss the challenges of observing Passover while being sensitive to your non-Jewish spouse’s needs & wishes.

Will this be a week-long observance or just one night? Will there be bread in your home? Will your spouse be expected to participate in a Seder? Should you modify the Seder to soften the focus on the ‘Chosen people’? What Haggadah should you use and how long should the Seder be? Is your spouse comfortable with you setting the tone for the holiday? Does he or she follow willingly or is it a tug of war? Do you include your spouse’s extended family?

We’ll discuss plans and strategies to harmoniously celebrate the holiday for your family and bring more unity and enjoyment for everyone.

Date: Sunday, March 23
Time: 3:00 – 4:30 pm
Place: Menchie’s, 1862 Euclid Ave., Berkeley
Cost: $10, Cost includes yogurt/sorbet

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