Interfaith at the Movies: Bad Faith

Bad Faith
French Film, 2006
The film industry offers this synopsis: Like many cosmopolitan Parisian couples, Clara and Ishael scarcely notice that she is Jewish and he is Muslim…until Clara discovers that she’s pregnant. Suddenly baby names, circumcision and keeping Ramadan become flashpoints. Can love really conquer all? A snappy, sexy comedy.

A French viewer commenting on the film at Internet Movie Database ( says the movie is “one minute too long.” Why? Because in that one minute the movie ends on a surprisingly unrealistic note.

In a discussion following last summer’s screening, the Jewish wife in a Jewish – Muslim couple offered the comment, “Everything they showed… it happens. But the ending isn’t so simple.”

Join me to see for yourself.

Monday, March 3, 2006, 4:30pm
CinArts, 2314 Monument Blvd., Pleasant Hill (in the Kohl’s Center)