Are Our Children Jewish?

Patralineal Descent, Reform Judaism & Those Other Jews

In 1983 the Reform movement officially recognized children of Jewish fathers as Jewish. But if you read the statement it says that every child of a mixed marriage, whether the mother or father is Jewish, must establish their identity as a Jew “through appropriate and timely public and formal acts of identification with the Jewish faith and people.” What are those acts? Do we really expect all kids from interfaith marriages to do so? What role do non-Reform Jews play in our lives and those of our children? Join Dawn Kepler for an exploration of Patralineal Jews today.

Date: Friday, Jan. 23
Time: 7:30pm (the discussion will be a part of the Shabbat service)
Place: Temple Israel, 3183 Mecartney Rd, Alameda

I plan to devote a good deal of time this year to the experiences of individuals who grew up with one Jewish parent. Call them half Jews, partly Jewish, patralineal Jews, not Jews — they are our children and we need to listen to them. Do YOU fall in this population? Are you interested in sharing YOUR perspective? Read more about sharing your insights here.

Michella-Ore of Netivot
Read more about Michella’s experience as a Conservative Jew here.