The Question of God

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Ever asked a Jew what they think about God? Bet you got too many answers! Come hear Rabbi Dardik teach about God as one night in his Exploring Jewish class. One non-Jewish student’s comment upon exiting class two years ago, “That rabbi argues with everything, even himself. I like that!”

Exploring Judaism
What do Jews believe? Is there life after death? What do Jewish teach about sex? What is the Jewish bible? Join other curious individuals to explore Judaism through film clips. Attend one or more evenings.

The Afterlife: What is its role? Who is it for?
God: A Jewish Perspective
Enjoying this World: Sexuality and Kosher Food
Prayer and Prophecy: What are They Really About?
Shabbat and the Jewish Holidays: Away from the Everyday
The Cycle of Life
The Torah: Exploring a Bestseller
Completing the Picture

Seven Tuesdays beginning Jan. 10, 2012 at 7:30pm
Beth Jacob, 3778 Park Blvd., Oakland

Want a sample of his teaching style? View him here.