Books for Interfaith Couples and Family Members

I’m often asked for book recommendations. Here are some of the best books for interfaith families.


Mixed Matches: How to Create Successful Interracial, Interethnic, and Interfaith Relationships
By Dr. Joel Crohn
This book remains the gold standard in the field. It respects the couple and those around them while identifying core values vs. prejudices. There are useful exercises for couples to do at home that help them better understand them self and their partner. Egon Mayer, of blessed memory, said of this book: “Its description of family and identity processes, and its helpful exercises, will make Mixed Matches invaluable for laymen and professionals alike.”
Out of print but we continue to find used copies online.  You can read a brief overview written by Dr. Crohn here.
Here’s a review from Publisher’s Weekly.

I love this book, When a Jew Celebrates. It is written for kids at about the sixth grade level, which means that an adult can breeze through the book in one or two sittings. It gives you a quick and complete picture of the entire Jewish holiday cycle. It is sold by the publisher, Behrman House. While you’re on their site, browse around; they have other interesting publications.

Here’s a book, What I wish My Christian Friends Knew about Judaism, that is great for interfaith couples in that you can read it together and ‘see’ into each other’s worlds. Additionally, it makes a wonder gift to Christian family members who are trying to understand Judaism.