Sampling Judaism (a mini class)

I’m delighted to say that Rabbi Ruth Adar will be teaching a very brief basic Judaism class! If you don’t have the time for a full semester class you can at least make this one.

Sampling Judaism
Sometimes a whole loaf is too much. Sometimes we want a sample. I’ve been thinking for a while about offering something for people who want to learn a little about Judaism, without a huge investment of time and money.

— What do Jews believe about God? How do Jews pray?
— Why are Jews called the People of the Book? Which book? What is Torah? What is in Jewish scripture? What is the Talmud?
— What is the biggest Jewish holiday? How can some Jews insist on their Jewish identity, and at the same time say they are “not religious”?

This class is a short dip into Jewish culture and practice, not intended to be the equivalent of a full “Introduction to Judaism” course. The content will follow a basic structure of Jewish ideas about God, Torah, and the Jewish People, but the details will be driven by students’ questions.

If you are curious about Judaism, or know someone who is curious, please share this information with them. I’ll see you (or them!) in class!

Check Rabbi Adar’s website to learn more.

Dates:  3 Mondays, beginning November 9
Time:   7 to 8pm
Host:   HaMaqom
Cost:    $60
Register here