What Will You Do on Christmas Day?

Christmas is coming
We are heading into the massive HOLIDAY SEASON. Some of you have got your process nailed. You know just where you’ll go, with whom and what you’ll do there. Others of you are not so sure. Feel free to call me and we can talk through the options you’re considering. The closer we get to the big day – and yes, I mean Christmas day – the more you need to let go of your agenda and be easy on each other. It may be that just doing the same thing you did last year – whatever that was – is easier than trying to create a brand new plan now. Christmas is very charged for many people – Jewish and Christian. Look for common ground. Look for things you can both enjoy – it could be just playing board games, going to the movies, eating an ice cream sundae.
And, as I said, just call me if you feel like it.
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To Tree or Not to Tree

What Will You do for the Holidays?
You may want to decorate a Christmas tree while your partner wants to make latkes. What will work for you as a family? Whether December is your favorite month – full of Christmas cookies and chocolate gelt – or your most dreaded month – material surfeit – you are invited every year to join one of the open and supportive discussion on how to handle the December dash.
For more information contact Dawn at  Dawn@buildingjewishbridges.org