Get ready for the High Holy Days

Rabbi Graetz is a wonderfully engaging teacher & a poetry lover. The class is free. Be sure you know where the Adult Lounge is – on the lower level.

High Holy Days Preparation
with Rabbi Roberto D. Graetz
In preparation for the Days of Awe we will be looking at some of the religious poetry that entered the traditional liturgy for these days. These piyutim, as they are called, reflect the ethos of the times they were written in and reveal to the reader the deepest longings of the Jewish heart at a particular time and place. Understanding them may add a level of depth to our own prayers as we seek new language to express our hopes and our fears.

Date: Thursday, August 30 & September 6
Time: 7:00
Place: Temple Isaiah’s Adult Lounge, 945 Risa Road Lafayette (the Adult Lounge is on the lower level of the campus. Follow the cars down to the lower parking area.)