East Bay International Jewish Film Festival 2020

(Image from Song of Names)

The East Bay International Jewish Film Festival will run from Feb. 26 to March 15. The films are divided into 8 categories (sections) so that you can jump to Historical Dramas, Family Friendly, Mysteries, Documentaries, etc. There are some hard to find, FABULOUS films! A few of my favorites are:

The Other Son – Watch this film then tell me what YOU would do as a parent. I will know from your reply whether you are a dad or a mom. Go ahead, test me!

Hunting Elephants A comic crime caper!

From Cairo to the Cloud: The World of the Cairo Geniza – What was in ” largest cache of Jewish history ever found”?

Fiddler on the Roof: A Miracle of Miracles – A documentary on the beloved film. Why did so many cultures around the world embrace it as their own?

Walk on Water – A tense thriller about an Israeli undercover agent who befriends the adult children of a Nazi war criminal.

Song of Names – “an emotional detective story spread over two continents and a half-century.”

I think film is a wonderful way to learn. It is a gift to those folks for whom reading is challenge AND it’s an entertaining way to learn fast. Let me know if you see any of the films and which ones you liked best. You can email me at dawn@buildingjewishbridges.org.

Happy viewing!