Arthur Szyk: Soldier in Art

Arthur Szyk Soldier in Art

(Sometimes I have to park things on this blog because they aren’t anywhere else online in a concise way.)

Arthur Szyk was a remarkable artist who illustrated many of the children’s books we’ve all read. His Passover Haggadah was on display at the Legion of Honor a few years ago. I saw this special event coming up, a talk by a rabbi who wrote a book, Arthur Szyk: Soldier in Art at Peninsula Temple Beth El. If you live within driving distance consider going to hear this lecture.

Peninsula Temple Beth El will hold Erev Shabbat Services on Friday, Feb. 23 at 6:30pm. Following services at 7:45pm Rabbi Irvin Ungar, former pulpit rabbi and antiquarian bookseller, will speak about his book, Arthur Szyk: Soldier in Art.

For more information you can go to the synagogue’s website and look at their calendar or call their office.

If you’ve been considering checking out Peninsula Temple Beth El, why not go to this and meet a few people, see how you like the place?