If I Convert, What Will Change?

Sometimes after living a Jewish life, with a Jewish spouse, a person begins to think of conversion. But they may worry that converting with upset the apple cart. Maybe my spouse will see me differently or suddenly expect more from me. Or will they even accept that I can become what they are?

Sometimes a person converts all on their own – their non-Jewish spouse remains not Jewish and conversion would mean creating an interfaith couple. What would that be like? Am I expected to tell my partner to give up the Christmas tree? What about extended family? Can I really be Jewish if I’m the only Jewish person in the family?

It’s fine to have questions! That’s one of the things that Judaism prides itself on — QUESTIONS. So bring yours!

If I Convert, What Will Change?

When you consider conversion to Judaism the theological issues may come easily. But what about the personal and interpersonal? What will change in one’s relationships? Can I still go to church with Mom when I visit her? Will co-workers see me differently? What will I do about Christmas? Will I be miserable giving up bacon? If I’m married to a Jew, with my spouse expect a lot more from me? If I’m married to a non-Jew, will my spouse feel alienated?
Bring your curiosity and hear from a panel of Jews by choice about the personal and interpersonal changes that they experienced. Questions are welcome!

Date: Friday, October 19
Time: Services are at 7:30pm; the panel will follow services at approximately 8:30pm
Place: Temple Sinai, 288 Summit St., Oakland
For more information, contact Dawn Kepler, dawn@buildingjewishbridges.org