How I Decided to Raise My Kids Jewish

How I Decided to Raise My Kids Jewish
Two Hearts, One Home
When a non-Jewish parent decides to raise their children as Jews, how does that process work? Once the decision is made, how do you make it happen? How do you retain your own religion? How do you share your identity? Join a panel of non-Jewish parents as they discuss their journey to a Jewish home identity.

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 6
Time: 7:30pm
Place: Temple Sinai, 2808 Summit St., Oakland
Co-sponsored by Temple Sinai and Building Jewish Bridges

Conversion to Judaism
How to scare a Jew – mention conversion, any conversion, it doesn’t have to be theirs! So all the Jews on the list should just jump over this paragraph….

Now for the not Jewish folks, if you have thought about conversion and would like to learn more without rattling your partner’s cage, just call me. If you are converting and want to talk to others in the process, or who have completed the journey, call. If you are working with a rabbi towards conversion and would still like to talk to an actual convert to Judaism, again, I can put you in touch with someone.
Just so you know, you are not the only one.

Women in Interfaith Relationships: Giving our Kids Roots & Wings
Raising kids is hard. You have to be a cook, chauffeur, therapist, private secretary, doctor, and chief bottle washer. And in there you’re supposed to give your kids “roots” and “wings.” Roots: a foundation from which to spring. Wings: confidence & self knowledge. Ours is the first generation to think that Moms can do that alone. Forget it! Come get and give support.

Date: March 9
Time: 9 to 11am
Place: B’nai Tikvah, 25 Hillcroft, Walnut Creek
Facilitated by Dawn Kepler, Building Jewish Bridges –

A Taste of Judaism: Are you Curious?
What are the three pillars of Judaism? Jewish spirituality, Jewish ethics, and Jewish community. Come learn about them in a three session class.

Tuesday evenings in Walnut Creek beginning March 25
Mondays evenings in Berkeley beginning March 31
Free, but pre-registration is required.

Passover: The Set Table
The ultimate Jewish holiday: Passover! Whether you’ve never had a seder or you consider yourself a pro, you’ll learn something at this workshop.. We’ll literally have a set table – with all the elements identified and explained. We encourage you to bring ideas and practice from your own tradition and family. We’ll have sample foods and recipes as well as an assortment of Hagadot for you to peruse. Come for the fun; come for the food!

Date: Sunday, March 30
Time: 11am to 1pm
Place: Temple Sinai, 2808 Summit St., Oakland
Co-sponsored by Temple Sinai and Building Jewish Bridges