Do you have one Jewish Parent?

Do you have one Jewish parent-

Do you have one Jewish Parent?

A couple years ago I asked Dr. Bruce Phillips to direct me to research done regarding the experiences of adults from interfaith families. He told me that there was none and that WE should do a study. So that’s what we’re doing. We want to offer a picture of what adults who grew up in interfaith families think and feel about their upbringing. What did they get? What do they feel they missed? What worked particularly well, what didn’t. How do they see Judaism fitting into their adult lives?

This is not a huge study. This is about capturing some of the real life experiences and advice of the people who experienced an interfaith childhood. We need to get past the voices that tell us what these individuals are thinking and find out what THEY say they are thinking.

Would you like to help? If you grew up with one Jewish parent and one non-Jewish parent, consider sharing your story in a 1.5 hour interview. I encourage you to tell your friends about this too.

Contact me, Dawn, at if you are willing to participate.