Weekend Reading for Fun and Calm

It’s been a tough year so far and doesn’t seem likely to improve soon. So how about some peaceful and encouraging reading options for Shabbat and the weekend?

Willie Mays loved his Jewish friends.
The J-weekly shared this story about local baseball legend, Mays.

Put your money where your mouth is!
Robert Kraft, majority owner of the Patriots, who wanted to help college students facing tremendous anti-Semitism on campus gave a million dollars to Yeshiva University to assure their ability to take transfer students. What a joy to be able to enact your dreams.

The Oldest Man in America was Jewish
You’ve heard that Jews aim to live to 120 years old, well Morrie almost made it!
P.S. I’m 100% with Morrie on the avoidance of plastic. Now we know that we’re already full of tiny bits of the stuff – ugh!  Go have a GLASS of water.
More about Morrie!

Hang out with Plants; It’s Good for You
I’m a gardener and my favorite season is “in bloom”.  Scientists have proven the positive impact of “green space” on us humans.  So go outside. Go to a park or just your backyard and do some gardening. Extra points if you hear birdsong!

Play Ball!
As an Oakland resident and A’s fan I’m extremely angry at the A’s ownership for stealing my team and taking it to Las Vegas. The LAST Jewish Heritage Game at the A’s will be Sunday, August 4 at 1:07pm. I still love the guys on the team and I’m still a Jew, so I’m going. Every synagogue in the area is inviting members to join in on the fun and I’m going with Temple Beth Abraham. How about one last A’s game in Oakland? Join me?

Here’s what the JCC of the East Bay says:
Jewish Heritage Day is back! Bring your friends, family, and community members to see the A’s take on the Los Angeles Dodgers. Every ticket sold through this special event link will receive an A’s branded Jewish Heritage blanket. Partial proceeds will benefit local Jewish nonprofits. Learn more here.

Mouthwatering Fireworks for the 4th!
Finally, I subscribe to the email from the Cincinnati Jewish community because a few years ago my Catholic daughter-in-law found it and forwarded it to me. Loads of fun ideas! This week they offered a recipe for Firecracker Popcorn for the 4th of July. I immediately thought of the Israeli chocolate bars, Elite Popping Chocolate bars; were they using chopped up bars in the popcorn? You could, but no, the recipe calls for American, readily available Pop Rock Candy. The recipe creator turns her popcorn red, white and blue and makes it explode in your mouth! Kids will love it. Adults will too if they like popcorn or chocolate or surprises! If you’re an animal lover you’ll be happy to have firecrackers that dogs like!