Pride Month: JUNE

Thank you Keshet for this sticker.
Thank you Keshet for this sticker.

I’m not going to pretend that LGBTQ folks are our primary audience just because it’s Pride Month. BUT LGBTQ folks do show up at many programs we offer. Why? Because 11% of the US population identifies as LGBTQ and 2% identifies as Jewish. So if you’re gay and Jewish the chances of finding another gay Jew is statistically challenging. It isn’t surprising that a study done a few years ago by the Jewish Federation of the East Bay found that 89% of LGBTQ Jews who are in a relationship are in an interfaith relationship.

Our doors are open to all interfaith couples whether they identify religiously or culturally with their traditions. We are here to provide honest answers and insightful suggestions. We have terrific resources and compassionate ears.

So go on, be old or young, gay or straight, any color you prefer, the faith/spirituality that moves you — we’re happy to hear from you.


The Pride Parade in San Francisco will be June 28 this year. The synagogues are taking contingents and you can join your own synagogue’s group. If you don’t have a group with whom to march Keshet, the Jewish LGBT organization, is delighted to have you sign up to march with them. Just go to this link to sign up. Note, they are marching with American Jewish World Service so when you get to the link it will be on AJWS’s website. You’re in the right place. Go here.

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