Jewish Culture

Where We Are Heading?

Abi & Andy with their kids Lori Voices From Our Community Imagining What’s Next Activists, environmentalists, single mothers, Israelis, interfaith couples, Jews of color, spiritual seekers, grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, adopted, transgendered – describe anyone you know? Join us Sunday, Feb. 26, from 1-5 p.m. at the Oshman Family JCC in Palo Alto. I am…

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A Jewish View of the Christian Testament

There’s a new book out, The Jewish Annotated New Testament. It is by two Jews and has commentary by many Jewish scholars. The authors’ goals are to help Jews understand that time when all followers of Jesus were Jewish and how time and circumstance brought about a divide. Here is a quote from an interview…

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Exploring Judaism

What do Jews believe? Is there life after death? What do Jewish texts teach about sex? What is the Jewish Bible? Join other curious individuals to explore Judaism through film clips. Attend one or more evenings. 1.The Afterlife: What Is Its Role? Who Is It For? 2.God: A Jewish Perspective 3.Enjoying This World: Sexuality and…

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