Up next, Shavuot + Jewish Summer Camp

Shavuot starts on Saturday at sundown Are you wondering, what exactly is Shavuot and what are we supposed to DO? Here’s a quickie overview. Here’s an interesting article about why Shavuot is so short on rituals, and therefore, observance. Tikkun Leyl Shavout, the practice of staying up all night to study originates with the mystics and was not…

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Raising confident Jewish children

If your child is a patrilineal Jew or a person of color, they may be assumed to not be Jewish. How can you build a strong identity for them? A wonderful couple I know has five grown children who are interracial and intercultural. Their Chinese mom converted before marriage.  The couple raised their children Jewish…

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Parenting in a Multiracial Jewish Family

Our Jewish community is increasingly multiracial, raising multiracial Jewish children is a relatively new phenomenon. Not many parents have the example of their own parents. Parents of multiracial kids have to consider: What is it like growing up Jewish if you consistently told “you don’t look Jewish” What comments and behaviors impact a multiracial child’s…

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