Welcoming Your Jewish Baby Whether You’re Jewish or Not

Time for another new mamas group.  If you are a new mama consider joining me.  If you know a new mama, tell her about this group. Welcoming Your Jewish Baby A group for Moms and babies 0-6 months In Oakland Five sessions, starting October 29 (We will jump over Thanksgiving week) Wednesday afternoons 1:30pm to…

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Call it what you will, you need a community

My daughter calls me “Mama” when she’s feeling especially affectionate or especially upset. So when I picked up the phone at 6am on a Sunday morning and heard, “Mama?” I knew things were not OK. Elly is in Israel on a Birthright* trip and her credit card had been frozen. Despite my calls to the…

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Jewish Community for Kids

Kids at the JCC of the East Bay summer camp  Last week I talked about Jewish community as a bit if an oddity sandwiched inside American culture. If you put on your anthropology hat and look at the many cultures that you encounter everyday it all begins to make sense. But for a child it’s not…

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Jewish Summer Camp

Kids at Camp Kee Tov If you have a child who has never been to a Jewish summer camp that child is eligible to receive a scholarship to camp this summer, 2008. FREE $1800 JEWISH SUMMER CAMP GIFT CERTIFICATES! Do you have a child entering grades 6-8 this fall? There is funding available for summer…

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Published on March 23rd, 2008

Purim Fun

  PURIM! Be Happy! It’s Adar! There are so many fun things to do for Purim – make costumes, bake cookies – and other foods, give food gifts to friends, wear crowns and masks. Lots of playing opportunities for kids and adults. The drinking and carousing should be for the grown-ups, and kept within reason….

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