What Will Your Family’s Narrative Be?

Couples often tell me that they want their children to have a religion that will teach the children good values. That’s a great start but it is certainly not a sufficient reason to choose to have a religion practiced in the home. First, you don’t need religion to be a person of principle and decency….

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Writing Your Ethical Will (clarifying your common goals)

An ethical will is not a legal document and does not distribute material goods. It is a means by which you can share your values, blessings, hopes and dreams for the future of your loved ones. Ethical wills are not new. References to this tradition are found in Torah (Genesis 18:19) and in other cultures….

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When a Child asks, Why Aren’t You Jewish?

Some parents fear this question. They aren’t sure what to say. Let’s consider the question and the possible answers. First, why is your child asking that question? You want to find out what she is thinking. Begin with, “what made you think of that, honey? Why do you ask?” Some possible reasons are: Your child…

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Posted in Children
Published on May 20th, 2013