Shavuot: What is it?

I love Shavuot. It is one of the three pilgrimage holidays when Jews in ancient times traveled to Jerusalem to offer a special sacrifice at the Temple. If you read Arthur Waskow’s Seasons of our Joy, you’ll learn about the activities that took place in the ancient Temple. It was magnificent and makes you want…

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Second Chances & Changes of Mind

Pesach Shini (Second Passover) comes exactly one month after Passover. It is found in the Torah in Numbers 9:1 – 14. It’s historical purpose was to prove an opportunity to observe Passover for anyone who was unable to do so at the correct time due to ritual impurity or because they were too far away…

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Juggling the Multi-Generational Seder

It can be a challenge to have everyone from your neighbor’s toddler to your great uncle coming to your seder. Will people be bored? Will they get hungry? Will the kids wander from the table eliciting mumbling from other guests? Join me to discuss ways to keep everyone happy, when to compromise and when to…

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