Cookies for all seasons

I got a lot of help from Eileen, bless her! She mixed up lots of frosting colors and did most of the work. OK, folks, let’s bake! The stirring, the taste testing of the dough, the shapes, the scent from the oven, the colored frosting, maybe sprinkles, mmm! Don’t forget to crank up your favorite…

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No Holiday Blues!

NO Holiday Blues! A woman told me that she used to wait eleven months for Christmas and it HAD to be all that she expected. She said she felt like “a pressure cooker.” That kind of intense need is what leads to holiday blues and worse. Now just in case things don’t go as you…

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Posted in Holidays
Published on December 20th, 2007

Jewish Things to do on Christmas

There have been a few questions about what can a person do on Christmas Eve or Day if they don’t “do Christmas”? I’m going to list some community events here for you to consider. Additionally, there is time to invite other Jewish friends over for a day of games, music and good food. Jewish Music…

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Chanukah in Full Swing

Tuesday was the first candle and tonight will be our third. The recurring question I’ve heard is “how can we cut back on the materialism?” At this point you have the season in full swing and probably many gifts purchased and/or received. It’s still not to late to give you and yours some great memories…

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Chanukah begins next week

Dear Interfaith Families and Friends, Chanukah will be here in a mere week. The first night is December 4. Light your first candle on Tuesday night. Chanukah in the Headlights! Here’s an email I got from Julie on this list: I used to have a great list of Hanukkah activities to do with the kids,…

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Holiday Nostalgia is a Good Thing

Some Nostalgia… and Where it can Lead It is with tremendous nostalgia that I tell you that it is time for Annual Chanukah Bazaars. My eldest, Elly, is twenty one years old and before she was born my husband and I were members of Beth El in Berkeley and volunteered at the Bazaar. At the thought of…

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