Respecting our Parents’ feelings of Loss

Last week I talked about the things we will do for our children – essentially the power that our love for our children will teach us to do. On the other side of our lives are our parents. Parents too do more teaching than simply the words they speak – do your homework, don’t tease…

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Terrific Grandparenting in an Interfaith Family

Your child has married someone not Jewish. You love their new spouse, but you worry. Will my grandchildren be Jewish? Will I say the wrong thing if I express my concerns and feelings? Should we invite the non-Jewish in-laws to Jewish celebrations at our home? Can we do Jewish activities with the grandchildren without over…

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Programs for Grandparents

A number of parent/grandparent groups have developed in the bay area.  These groups are for individuals and couples whose children have married non-Jewish partners.  That is YOUR parents.  Our parents may feel guilty – “I should have done more Jewish things at home; sent the kids to Jewish summer camp, etc. and then my child would…

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