Divvy up Holiday responsibilities

  Do you have holidays that are ‘assigned’ to a particular family member or friend? That is, we’ll all be at Susan’s for Thanksgiving, at Mom’s for Chanukah and we’ll meet the Tanners in the park for our 4th of July picnic. Some years ago I figured out that while I have lots of wonderful…

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Shifting Traditions: A film & discussion

In the short film, Shifting Traditions, three interfaith couples take three different approaches to religion in their family. Then the film maker speaks with some rabbis who reflect differing views on intermarriage. Is there a right and a wrong? Come see the film and discuss the choices and rewards that are open to every interfaith…

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The Fifth New Year + A life of meaning

A synagogue group goes to the ballgame together Does your life have meaning? Tomorrow we will all begin writing 2013 on paperwork. Jewish or not, a new year begins for us all at midnight on December 31. Many of us make resolutions; we will – lose weight, start jogging, clean out the closet, tidy up…

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