Chocolate Covered Bugs for Passover!?

My oh, so creative friend Shifra, came up with these delicious and kosher ‘bugs’ for your Passover table. The kids will love making them and everyone will love eating them! Here’s how to do it: Take Kosher for Passover marshmallows and use a well-cleaned scissors to snip slices about 1/8″ wide. Snip each slice in…

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Women in Interfaith Relationships

A discussion for girlfriends, wives, mothers, & grandmothers Join other women, Jewish or not, to examine interfaith marriage in relation to culture and gender. What are the unique expectations and responses that a woman encounters as she creates a home and builds a family life in which her religion is not that of her partner?…

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Rituals and Memory

I received the weekly email newsletter from Netivot Shalom in Berkeley. In it their rabbi, Menachem Creditor, spoke his congregation about tonight’s holiday, Tu Bishvat. I want to share his words with you. Dear Chevreh (Friends), Tonight is Tu Bishvat, the Jewish celebration of Trees, an annual reminder to care for the world we inhabit….

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