Non-Jewish family

What’s all that about the Jews being “chosen”?

​The ​concept of ‘chosen-ness’ really messes with some people’s minds. Let’s clear it up so we can be productive. I read a drash​/teaching​ by a friend for the parshah Kedoshim​ (teaching on a section of the Jewish bible)​. He said: The Parshah of Kedoshim begins with the statement, ​’​You shall be holy, for I, the…

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Preparing for Passover

Getting ready for the Seder What are ways to make your guests feel that they are a part of the evening even if they are not Jewishly knowledgeable? Invite guests to bring something. This will give them a feeling of ownership and contribution. Anyone can buy matzah or kosher wine. They can make a fruit…

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