Jewish Learning

Halloween and Jews

Can Jews celebrate Halloween? I’m wondering if this question just got you hot under the collar. Just stop for a moment and check your emotions… is this a question that gets you upset? I’ve been reading about this topic online this week and there seem to be a number of people for whom this topic,…

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Was that God?

The April that my son was eight years old we were preparing for Passover. My husband and kids had searched the house for chametz (the crumbs of leavening). Tradition says that you burn the chametz. So my husband put a strip of aluminum foil over the gas stove’s burner and turned on the flame. The…

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God Talk

Rabbis have amazing God conversations with children fairly regularly. Why we don’t continue these conversations as easily as we age? The questions certainly don’t get any easier! Perhaps we forget, over the years, that sharing doubts and yearning for hope is what makes us human. I invite you to join an open and caring –…

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