Tu B’Av, A good time to express love

This week I had the following communication: Delightful woman: Hi Dawn, I receive your newsletter and am wondering what is the best way to honor my (Jewish) daughter-in-law on Tu B’Av? Me: What a lovely idea you have! Tu B’Av is “observed” to the extend that is it observed at all, as a day of…

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Can We Color Eggs?

  I’ve received many questions this month about painting eggs. Spring brings Passover and Easter, sometimes right on top of each other. While Jews are focusing on slavery, emancipation and unleavened bread, Easter seems to be focusing on bunnies, candy baskets and egg hunts. The real meaning of the holiday gets lost on a lot…

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Jewish Resolutions for the Secular New Year

A lot of folks will be making resolutions over the next few days. Why not make a Jewish resolution for the year 2015? Here are some ideas. 1. Increase your Jewish knowledge. The best way to feel confident is to know what you’re doing. Don’t suffer with a feeling of ignorance, learn. Take a class,…

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