If I Convert, What Will Change?

Sometimes after living a Jewish life, with a Jewish spouse, a person begins to think of conversion. But they may worry that converting with upset the apple cart. Maybe my spouse will see me differently or suddenly expect more from me. Or will they even accept that I can become what they are? Sometimes a…

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American Folkloric Christianity

(image from Growing up with no specific religion in the United States can lead many people to claim, “I have no religion. I’m certainly NOT a Christian.” They look at what they would term “real Christians” and they see the difference to be that those folks go to church, believe in Jesus as savior,…

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Second Chances & Changes of Mind

Pesach Shini (Second Passover) comes exactly one month after Passover. It is found in the Torah in Numbers 9:1 – 14. It’s historical purpose was to prove an opportunity to observe Passover for anyone who was unable to do so at the correct time due to ritual impurity or because they were too far away…

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