Purim This Week!

This week we celebrate Purim. The holiday begins at sundown on Saturday and most congregations and JCCs will have a Purim carnival or other celebration on Sunday, March 20. I’m listing a bunch of them below. If you don’t see one near you, you can either search for “Purim” and the name of your city…

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Purim For Adults: The Jewish Mardi Gras

Skip the carnival and the costumes, and come for an adult evening celebration of Purim! We’ll gather at 7pm for a brief and boisterous telling of the Purim story (The Whole Megillah), then choose from among several exciting, interactive learning sessions: Persian Food with a Persian Cook The Spiritual Roots of Purim Gender Mysteries from…

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Purim Fun

  PURIM! Be Happy! It’s Adar! There are so many fun things to do for Purim – make costumes, bake cookies – and other foods, give food gifts to friends, wear crowns and masks. Lots of playing opportunities for kids and adults. The drinking and carousing should be for the grown-ups, and kept within reason….

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