Holiday Happiness Guidelines

Every year I advocate for memories over materialism. Be with the people you love instead of shopping for them. I always send you a list of things you can do with loved ones. Take each night of Chanukah, and add any nights for Christmas or other holidays you observe this month and have fun with…

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Thinking about Christmas

Thinking about Christmas I have spoken to several people about Christmas and I want to reiterate what I hope you all will do – don’t try to change your observance of the holidays now.  It’s too late in the year to suddenly tell your sweetheart that you can’t bear to have a Christmas tree this…

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Raising Smart Kids

Kids are so darn smart, be a smart Parent The mother of one of my favorite three year olds told me this story.  She, her husband, and three year old Sarah were emerging from a pizza parlor.  Sarah was screaming.  “You know, just practicing the sound,” her mama told me, as in – open mouth…

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Posted in Children
Published on October 29th, 2008

Growing up in an Interfaith Home

Did you grow up the child of an interfaith couple?  Have you wished you could talk to other people who shared some of your same experiences? Are you raising children in a home with one Jewish parent and one non-Jewish parent?  Have you ever wished you could ask a person from an interfaith home how…

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Welcoming Your Jewish Baby Whether You’re Jewish or Not

Time for another new mamas group.  If you are a new mama consider joining me.  If you know a new mama, tell her about this group. Welcoming Your Jewish Baby A group for Moms and babies 0-6 months In Oakland Five sessions, starting October 29 (We will jump over Thanksgiving week) Wednesday afternoons 1:30pm to…

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Call it what you will, you need a community

My daughter calls me “Mama” when she’s feeling especially affectionate or especially upset. So when I picked up the phone at 6am on a Sunday morning and heard, “Mama?” I knew things were not OK. Elly is in Israel on a Birthright* trip and her credit card had been frozen. Despite my calls to the…

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