“The Holidays” — Happy or just Greedy?

(Photo credit: Maggie Semple Blog) Here it comes, the holidays! The time that songs tell us is “the happiest time of the year.” Which raises the question, what makes us happy? American capitalist culture has a perpetual campaign to answer that question with THINGS! Things will make you happy! Cars, electronics, toys, whatever they are…

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Decorating for Hanukkah

A non-Jewish friend of mine loves to decorate for holidays so when she married a Jewish man she got busy finding the appropriate decorations. She told me that she, ‘doesn’t have much’ but you decide. Here are some of her decorating and party-making items. menorahs blue table cloth many votive candle/tea lights Chanukah garland (blue…

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Published on October 17th, 2013

Cooking Jewish Whether You’re Jewish or Not: Hanukkah…Thanksgivukkah!

This year Hanukkah begins on Thanksgiving! That has given way to fun, silly words like Thanksgivnukkah. How can you blend your second night of Hanukkah with Thanksgiving? We’ll introduce you to some new recipes that are right for both holidays – like sweet potato latkes and pecan rugelach. Want to plan a Hanukkah Party? We’ll…

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What can we do for Hanukkah?

There are Hanukkah events going on all around the bay. Find some of the below. Email me with others you want to share. Light some lights! Have some fun! Light It Up! Casino Royale Style Join hundreds of young adults for the most rockin’ Hanukkah party in the South Bay! The evening will feature DJ,…

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