Adult Child of an Interfaith Family

50% Jewish? 100% Welcome!

Are you 50% Jewish? Or are you 100% Jewish recognized 50% of the time? Or 25% Jewish and 100% proud? Come meet other fascinating fractions in a welcoming environment to do the math. Join us for a casual dinner and conversation at a restaurant in Mountain View. Register here and we’ll reply with the restaurant…

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All in the Jewish Family

What’s happening in the Jewish community right now for interfaith couples/families? What are they experiencing in terms of community, support and welcome? How are we doing as a community? What can a family member to to help loved ones to explore Jewish options? When is it OK to speak your mind and when should you…

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Do You Have One Jewish Parent?

Do you see yourself as Jewish, half-Jewish, part Jewish, Jew-ish? Were you raised as a Jew, a Christian, a Hindu, some of this and that? We are looking for people who have one Jewish parent and would like to talk about their experience, share their stories, their questions, their wisdom. What was good? What was…

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