We are what we eat

Do you know what is the LAST cultural practice immigrants give up?  Their native cuisine.  I remember learning that in a college history class. At the time I was living on a dorm floor that was about half Asian girls. ALL OF THEM, despite how long they or their families had been in the US…

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Summer on the Square at the Palo Alto JCC

Summer is a great time to have fun with Jewish culture and dip your toes – and those of your loved ones – into all the variety of Jewish options. Socializing is a great way to give your non-Jewish family members a taste of Judaism. Here’s a great example. The Oshman Family JCC (Palo Alto…

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Shavuot and finding joy here and now

We are living with a cascade of disasters. Mass murders, war, climate chaos. I am so sorry and send my condolences to all of you, my fellow travelers. If you are moved to pray, here is a Kaddish that may speak to you. Mourner’s Kaddish after a Mass Murder from the Ritual Well. But I’m going…

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Posted in Shavuot
Published on June 1st, 2022