Jewish Learning

Loss of a Pet

In December my sister died. There was Jewish ritual and community to gather around me and comfort me. Just two months later my beloved old dog died. A dear rabbi friend told me, “all deaths will bring up previous losses and these two deaths come very close together. Don’t be surprised if you feel a…

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Where did Purim Carnivals Come From?

Though Purim is a minor holiday on the Jewish calendar, it is widely observed and a favorite of children. According to the scroll of Esther 9:22, we are to observe Purim as a time of “feasting and gladness.” The holiday is marked not only the by reading of the scroll, but by Purim plays (spiels)…

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Basic Judaism classes – Fall 2014

Introduction to Judaism classes around the Bay! Starting September through November NEW! ** Don’t worry about missing the first class. I’m sure they will gladly bring you up to speed. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to sit down and get to know Rabbi Leider – one on one. Judaism 101 with Rabbi Susan Leider…

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