Jewish Learning

Orthodox? Atheist? Intermarried? What’s Your Job?

There is nothing so satisfying as learning a new perspective on a story you thought you understood. This week I read Maggid Jhos Singer‘s drash/teaching on the Torah portion Korach (Numbers 16:1-18:32).  This is the story of Korach and his rebellion against Moses in the Wilderness.  I’ve heard it taught many times, but Jhos brought…

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Basic Judaism – always a good idea

I advocate that every interfaith couple take a class on Judaism together. To the Jewish partner I say, You need to hear what’s being taught. You won’t know it all and you probably haven’t thought about many of these subjects as an adult.  I particularly love the Introduction to the Jewish Experience class because it has…

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Is Judaism a Genetic Identity?

  With the new availability of DNA research many people are finding that they have some Jewish ancestry. I’ve gotten quite a few emails asking, “Am I Jewish?” And some stating, “I just found out I’m Jewish.” It isn’t that simple. Recently Rabbi Milder of Beth Emek wrote a useful post to help clarify Jewish…

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