Interfaith Couples Connect!

Join other interfaith/intercultural couples to explore the complexities of interfaith relationships in a warm and supportive atmosphere. We’ll discuss identity, communication and creating a shared home. 4 sessions. Call for more information. Wednesdays, October 6 – October 27 7:30 – 9:00 pm Congregation Beth El, 1301 Oxford St., Berkeley Cost: $80/couple for four sessions; $60/couple…

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Growing Your Child’s Identity in an Interfaith Family: Marin

Children move through a variety of developmental stages. How can we support their identity development and family attachment in age appropriate ways? Children in interfaith families are integrating multiple traditions and family heritages, we will look at how to weave together disparate backgrounds into one whole “self.” The discussion will be led by Dawn Kepler….

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Being Stuck

Sometimes couples feel “stuck.” They’ve tried to negotiate but both of them have something they can’t let go of. Usually they are trying to be fair but there doesn’t seem to be a midpoint. It’s often a feeling of helplessness. “Stuck” means the two of you can’t fully commit to an agreed upon course of…

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Published on June 4th, 2010

Sometimes being “interfaith” hurts

When my youngest was a baby I had chronic lower back pain.  I knew it was from carrying him around and I just didn’t think there was a remedy.  Then one day I mentioned it to a health care professional and she immediately gave me a simple back strengthening exercise.  By doing the exercise every…

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Enrich Your Relationship

When I was a newlywed I joined a book club and met an interesting couple.  They were a couple decades older than I, wealthy, intelligent, interesting.  About three years into the club I was sitting in their lovely garden and Risa said to me, “The book club saved my marriage.”  I was startled.  “It did? …

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