Chanukah Events

A couple Saturdays ago I went to the bar mitzvah of a young man. Like all rites of passage it changed the lives of each member of the family and reminded each guest of the transitory nature of our lives. It reminded me of my own children’s b’nai mitzvot (plural for bar or bat mitzvah)….

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Posted in Chanukah
Published on November 4th, 2010

Joy instead of Just Hassle

The big crush of Chanukah meets Christmas will begin this coming weekend when Chanukah starts on Sunday night.  With it comes the question of just how many presents do we give the kids?  How will we wrap them?  Where and when will we open them?   I vote for fewer presents and more memories.  Every…

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Holiday Happiness Guidelines

Every year I advocate for memories over materialism. Be with the people you love instead of shopping for them. I always send you a list of things you can do with loved ones. Take each night of Chanukah, and add any nights for Christmas or other holidays you observe this month and have fun with…

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Thinking about Santa

  Thinking about Christmas I have spoken to several people about Christmas and I want to reiterate what I hope you all will do – don’t try to change your observance of the holidays now.  It’s too late in the year to suddenly tell your sweetheart that you can’t bear to have a Christmas tree…

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Cookies for all seasons

I got a lot of help from Eileen, bless her! She mixed up lots of frosting colors and did most of the work. OK, folks, let’s bake! The stirring, the taste testing of the dough, the shapes, the scent from the oven, the colored frosting, maybe sprinkles, mmm! Don’t forget to crank up your favorite…

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