What is “God”?

Two weeks ago I had a wonderful program, What Do Rabbis REALLY Believe About God? To that question let me add: What do Catholics believe about God? What do Zoroastrians believe? What do agnostics or Buddhists believe? What about Catholic priests?  Muslim imams? When I pose this question to individuals, many are quick and confident as they…

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Can I Convert a Second Time?

(The headline given to this article online at J weekly in my Mixed and Matched column was written by someone who did not convert to Judaism. They meant well, but missed the point of the letter. This is not about changing shuls; it’s about changing one’s identity. Please forgive the confusion.)   Dear Dawn: I am single…

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Being Partners in Interfaith Parenting

Are you on the same page with your partner when it comes to doing & being Jewish?   “From Generation to Generation” This quote is repeated often in Jewish liturgy and conversation. The idea is that Judaism is passed from generation to generation. But in today’s world it is not so certain that Judaism will…

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Posted in Parenting
Published on January 24th, 2019

Museum Trip to the Legion of Honor

A little reminder: do join us for this FUN activity! Islam and the Classical Heritage From the legendary life and exploits of Alexander the Great (known as Iskandar in the Islamic tradition) to the insights of Islamic mathematicians who first introduced the concept of algebra (al-jabr), this exhibition brings a larger awareness of how authors,…

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What Do Rabbis REALLY Believe About God?

(Photos top row from the left: Rabbi Steve Chester, Rabbi Rebecca Gutterman, Rabbi Daniel Stein and bottom row from the left: Rabbi Chaya Gusfield, Rabbi Yonatan Cohen) God Talk with Rabbis from Across the Jewish Denominations Rabbis talk about God quite a bit. But what role does God plays in the lives of our rabbis?…

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