Community Seders 2014

First Night Seders 35th Annual First Night Community Seder Join our community on the first night of Passover and participate in the telling of the story of the Jewish people’s journey from slavery to freedom. Sing old and new favorites, ask questions and find the afikomen (piece of matzah). A traditional kosher Seder meal is…

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Thinking about Passover

Many people dream of writing their own Haggadash with their loved ones, but faced with the enormity of the task they never get around to it. Why not start with an in between step? Just have your family and friends illustrate your Haggadah. A few years ago Rabbi Creditor of Netivot Shalom in Berkeley sent…

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Cooking Jewish Whether You’re Jewish or Not: Passover

Passover is the most observed Jewish holiday in America. The central element of the holiday is the seder – a ceremonial meal with symbolic foods. Recipes and rituals come together to build happy memories and strengthen family bonds. Most Jews have warm, fuzzy memories of seders with their family. But not everyone in our families…

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