Christmas for your Child

Let’s talk about Christmas for the children in an interfaith family. Let me remind you of two truths: 1. Your child is not exactly like anyone else, so you can’t duplicate another parent’s choices. 2. Your child is not so unique that you can’t learn from other parents. In today’s world there is a bonus,…

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“The Holidays” — Happy or just Greedy?

(Photo credit: Maggie Semple Blog) Here it comes, the holidays! The time that songs tell us is “the happiest time of the year.” Which raises the question, what makes us happy? American capitalist culture has a perpetual campaign to answer that question with THINGS! Things will make you happy! Cars, electronics, toys, whatever they are…

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Thinking about Santa

  Thinking about Christmas I have spoken to several people about Christmas and I want to reiterate what I hope you all will do – don’t try to change your observance of the holidays now.  It’s too late in the year to suddenly tell your sweetheart that you can’t bear to have a Christmas tree…

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